Understand a simple basic of a good diet

Understanding what is good, better, or best for a training diet may not seem simple.  One of the most common pitfalls for us as individuals and athletes is that we don’t “take time” to eat well.  Eating well should be a process of designing a menu, obtaining and preparing the food, and experiencing the meal.  The way that our American culture has evolved, combined with the choices that we make, many of us do not do this very well.  The retail landscape of our communities is inundated with fast food choices and unbalanced meal options.  Our choice of busy schedules does not leave us with the time to have this as an intregral part of our daily routines.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be planned out and enjoyed.  Have a dining experience!  If you take the time to shop, grow, prepare, and dine; you will appreciate, enjoy, and eat better.  You will also find that you will eat a healthier balance of the proper food groups and the correct quantities for your caloric balance.