Camp Update – July

Day 1:
Wednesday we did an easy run on the 5k time trial course then headed to Silverthorn. While at Silverthorn we did some agility work with ladders, hurdles, balance pillows, and the bosu. There was a timed obstacle course that everyone completed at the end of the agility. If an athlete made a mistake, they were disqualified so only a few times were counted. The winner received a Toko water bottle.

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Day Two:
Thursday was a very busy day for us. The morning started out at 7:45am with a warm-up run then strength testing. Each test took nine minutes following the USSA criteria, even the coaches joined in. All the athletes that tested at the June camp improved their scores. Test results from Thursday and Tuesday are posted below:

After breakfast and a little down time, the group did a strength workout. Once everyone was finished, we packed up and headed to Mary’s Sunday Morning Orchard for some strawberry picking for smoothies. Athletes got cartons and picked their own strawberries. It was a lot fun, although some people did more eating than picking!

Post lunch brought more down time, giving the athletes time to recover and nap. Rest and recovery is one of the things we are putting a lot of emphasis on because of the large training volume of this camp. The afternoon workout was specific strength 7,5,7. This is a classic ski with 7 repeats of lock n load, 5 single sticks, and 7 full double poles. We used a gradual grade hill with 1 minute to 1 minute and 15 seconds per repeat.