Strawberry Fields Forever

F.A.S.T. Training Camp athletes took the time to have a training session about nutrition on Thursday. Athletes are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to the camps for those in between meal times when a small snack is needed. Just prior to our noon break, we met with farmer Steve Harrington of Seeley, WI and took the opportunity to pick three locally grown kinds of berries for snacks and for our smoothie beverage at lunch. We then went back to the lodge and had a quick recipes lesson on how to make a quick, delicious recovery drink for post workouts.

Steve has worked extremely hard for almost a dozen years creating a great local vegetable and fruit farm. He took the opportunity to show the athletes his farm and discuss his philosophy on growing and how nature, science, and God help him to create awesome produce. One of the highlights of the visit was showing the athletes up close and personal how the bees work to help him grow his works of art. Thanks Steve for the great visit and delicious berries!!!