Ironwood Camp

Talk about perfect timing! We arrived in Ironwood on Saturday the 13th and so far we have ideal weather! Not too hot and great for training. We’ve already gotten some quality hours in, with a 4 hour hike coming up tomorrow!

Athletes arrived in the afternoon just in time for an hour and thirty minute classic specific strength workout. There were six lock n load repeats, four single stick, and six full double poles. Sunday presented a two hour and fifty minute skate workout. The first hour and thirty minutes was basically all up hill and you know what that means. Lots of downhill on the way back! After the workout everyone enjoyed a dip in the river!

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Monday was the first two a day for the week. Athletes did a band progression in the morning and a run in the afternoon. Keely Jackson and I were having some issues running so we took mountain bikes out on the trail. It was my first experience and needless to say, it did not end well. I got a flat not too long before we reached the waterfall so the guys in our group took turns running with my bike. Now that’s team work!

Once we reached the waterfall it was time for some jumping! Bill took some great photos!

From there we had to hike all the way back up Big Powderhorn Mountain. No worries, the pictures were completely worth the climb!

Tuesday morning we got to sleep in until eight o’clock because we did our morning run with the strength workout. A few athletes had never done strength testing with the new format so everyone helped cheer them along before we got going.