Don’t Stop, You Might Drop

The past couple days have been positively amazing. Saturday the US Ski Team concluded their camp with a three hour over distance workout. We went with the group that split the workout between a classic ski and run, starting at the USSA Center of Excellence and finishing at Guardsman Pass. The classic ski was around 12 miles long and climbed almost 3,000 feet. Needless to say, it was very difficult to keep my heart rate in level one.

Girls making their way up Guardsman Pass.

Before the run.

After two hours of classic skiing we started our run at approximately 9,700 feet. Keely and I joined the group of athletes that took single track back down the mountain for 30 minutes then hiked back to the top of the pass for a total of three hours. Although three hours is not an exceptionally long over distance, when you’ve only been at altitude for a few days and climbed that much in one workout food could not sound any better by the end. And for those people who have worked out with me, you will know how much I love to talk about food during workouts anyway.

Our afternoon was spent wandering around Park City, enjoying the scenery. For dinner we grilled burgers by the pool. As far as pools go, the hotel we are staying at is pretty impressive. There is a pool that starts indoors then opens up outside along with three hot tubs. We all took advantage of these amenities and spent the rest of the night swimming under the stars.

The pool at night.

Today was a nice treat for the Jackson siblings, minus Teague, because we were able to sleep in. Teague on the other hand wakes up at five am every morning without fail. Our original plan was to hike from the alpine slopes for about four hours. This was a questionable plan because we had a five year old with us and all of the Jackson kids wanted to ride the alpine slide at the base of the slopes. Everything went surprisingly well though. Teague was quite the trooper and kept pace with the group. Not too long after the first hour we stopped for pictures and most of the group turned around. Bill, Roberta Jackson, and I decided to keep hiking for the full four hours.

Teague the trooper.

The Jackson girls and me (click on photos to enlarge.)

Bill and me.

As we climbed higher and got farther away from the base we noticed a peak in the distance. Before long, the peak became our goal. The higher we went, the more the temperature dropped and the more snow we had to trek through. On top of that, our trail became a little bit less of a trail. We finally reached the very top somewhere after three hours hiking and it was well worth it. The views surrounding us were spectacular. Bill even celebrated our accomplishment with a cinnamon bun!

Bill and SNOW!

Jumping 2 feet to reach 10,000!

Admiring the beautiful views at the top!

The three of us.

Yummy cinnamon buns!

Following a bit of deliberation we decided to not double back. Instead we started down the mountain towards Guardsman Pass, hoping to cut across. We honestly had no clue where we were heading but once we had reached our goal of summiting the peak there was a need for adventure. It took us over two more hours but we had a great time. So far, this has been a training camp I will never forget!