End of the Festival

Kelsey, Paige, and me after the classic race in our BeFast headbands!

Yesterday was the last Supertour race in West Yellowstone. Everyone ended the week with great races. The junior races were a great showing for FAST with Keely, Jon, and Jenny all participating. In the FJ2 division Keely came in 4th place, only 1:03.8 back from the winner. Keely is a fantastic classic skier and will be one to watch in the future. Last year she qualified for the Midwest Junior National Team in the FJ2 division as a J3!

Jenny won her first race of the season in the FJ1 division. We’re super pumped to see how the rest of the season goes for Jenny. She’s made a serious commitment to skiing this year and did some major training this past summer and fall.
Jon also won this race in the MJ1 division, 23.2 seconds ahead of the next competitor. It was great to ski Jon out on the course after helping with race wax the past week. He did a great job with both!

Coach Bill Pierce waxing skis!

In the Supertour classic we had three athletes racing: Paige, Audrey and I. Paige decided to race even thought she was not feeling completely healthy. With that said, she still had a very respectful result. Her effort earning her 33rd place and the 9th junior position.

Paige on Telemark Hill.

Audrey came off a less than satisfactory skate race that left her wanting more. Yesterday she left her frustration on the course and felt great. She finished 29th overall! This past fall Audrey went through a major sickness so she’s still working on getting her endurance back. By senior nationals she should be good to go!

I was pretty pleased with my race effort in the classic. Bill told me it was the first time he saw me giving 100% effort. After going out too fast in the 10k skate I was really trying to focus on pace. Racing is all about being relaxed, controlled and efficient. Then you reach that point in the race you’ve been waiting for. You let it rip, using up every last ounce of energy until you are completely spent. That was yesterday’s race for me and it was great. Overall I was 18th place and 1st junior. It’s very difficult to be satisfied with a race but the harder you work the closer you come to reaching that feeling.

Telemark Hill toward the end of the race.

Eleanor and me.

St. Scholastica’s John Wessling right before going down Telemark Hill.

Now that the festival is over basically everyone has cleared out. We’ll enjoy the quiet for the next few days before moving on towards Bozeman, MT. The next Supertour weekend is scheduled to be there. Fingers crossed that the snow is enough for racing!