Supertour 10k Skate Race

Today we raced the 10k skate in West Yellowstone. It was two loops, 5k each. Audrey and I were were the only ones who raced from our group. Jon and Jenny Parr are waiting until the junior races tomorrow for their first races and Paige was not feeling her best. She decided to just do the 5k classic tomorrow in order to have more recovery time.

As far as distance races go, I feel this race was a promising way to start the season. They have never been my forte so Bill has designed my training plan to help change this. In the women’s overall results I finished 27th and 4th in my age division.

Morgan Arritola was the women’s champion today in a time of 26:56.7. She was 14.7 seconds ahead of the next competitor.

Thanks to Jon Parr and Bill for the great wax job! And thanks to Jon for taking photos!

Post race

Audrey on Telemark Hill.

Paige, Dylan, and I after the race.