Thanksgiving and Sprint Report

Happy Thanksgiving from out west! All of us out here are definitely thankful for the beautiful weather, snow, and of course great company. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day!

The morning started out with a classic ski in Yellowstone Park. It was sunny, warm, and picturesque. Audrey and I went for about an hour along the river while others went for a little over two hours.

The girls on our Thanksgiving day ski (click on any photo to enlarge.)

Audrey enjoying the sun.

We took LONG naps after the ski in order to prepare ourselves for our Thanksgiving meal. Kathy and Diane did an amazing job cooking. Diane even made a pumpkin pie! Jon Parr almost lost his pie to Bill when he left to check the score of the Packer’s game. They won, making them 11-0. Apparently that’s a big deal, or so I’m told.

Pumpkin Pie!

Sprint Update:
Yesterday Audrey, Paige, and I took part in the Supertour Sprint Showdown. It was a solid start to the season for all of us. Caitlin Gregg took the overall crown with her 5.09 second lead in the skate race.
Paige came through with two top 20’s for the day. She placed 20th in the classic and a 18th in the skate. Audrey killed it yesterday with a 12th place in the classic and a 24th in the skate. I was pretty happy with my first races of the season. In the classic I was 11th place, just .05 seconds out of top ten and 13th place in the skate sprint. This put me in 11th place for the overall and top junior. We all had a great time in the amazing weather. Thanks to Bill and Jon Parr for the awesome wax job! Now we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s 10k skate!
Here is a link to results:

Paige and I during the skate race.

Carolyn Ocariz and I after the sprints.

Team FAST!

Paige and I in the new Swix Jackets after the race.