West Yellowstone 2011- Day 1!

After two days of traveling we’ve made it to West Yellowstone, Montana and we have not been let down thus far. Although we haven’t had a chance to ski, town has a good amount of snow. On our evening jog we had the pleasure of running by the Rendezvous Ski Trails and tj looks promising, but only tomorrow will tell.

Our travels and its scenery had quite a different feel to it this year. It’s almost like the last ski season never ended. Looking back to all the training and traveling we’ve done this past summer and fall, it seems as though it did not happen. That part of our lives seems like a dream or distant memory. The truth is that all of it did happen and is partially to blame for the feeling itself. All of the hard work and hours we’ve put in are very real and do matter. Right here and now is where we prove to ourselves and anyone else that questions us that it was not a dream. It is race season once again and we are more than ready.

The feeling is the spawn of our training and the way our lives have changed. No longer are we student athletes that train when our schedules permit us, we are athletes that train when our schedules demand it. Each workout is taken as seriously as a race would be because each workout has equal purpose, if not more purpose than a race. Skiing has become about planning our lives around training. Through this we are given the opportunity to reach this time of the year and know that we ARE ready. We don’t have to wonder if we were able to squeeze in enough hours or hope that we’ve had adequate sleep and rest to keep us healthy for race season. As committed skiers we know how hard we’ve worked, and we are confident in our abilities. Training is full time for us, everyday matters and we treat it accordingly. Living this lifestyle what makes us feel like last race season never ended because to us, it never did.

On a 6 hour hike in Park City Utah this past October

Jenny Parr and I skiing a sprint simulation on Saturday in anticipation for West Yellowstone

After our back-to-back race efforts

Audrey Weber, Carolyn Ocariz, and I out to eat in Bismark, North Dakota on the way to West Yellowstone