Audrey, Carolyn, Keely, Bill and I arrived in Bozeman on Thursday. Our drive through Big Sky Country was clear and beautiful. Sadly, the closer we got to Bozeman, the less snow we saw.

The ski that afternoon at the Bohart trails was less than satisfying. Snow was very sparse and definitely demanded rock skis. Volunteers will be clocking a lot of hours in the next few days to get the trails in race condition and we certainly appreciate it!

Thankfully our living situation was much more pleasing than the trails. A friend of the Jackson family is letting us stay in their cabin. (Thanks Coach Jay!) It’s about fifteen minutes from the race course, tucked away in the mountains. Our view is absolutely breathtaking, like something out of painting. The only down side is the lack of cell phone service and internet. No worries though, we have many other things to keep ourselves entertained!

Audrey and I enjoying the view.

A view from the inside and the out.

It’s snowed a little bit more since we arrived here so I’m hoping the races went well today. Everyone is out racing right now but unfortunately I am not feeling well and opted to stay back. Today was the skate sprint and the skate distance (5k). They are both scheduled as individual starts.
Tomorrow is suppose to be a 10k classic mass start but with the lack of snow they are considering changing it. There have been suggestions of another 5k skate of or a individual classic start. Only time will tell! Personally, I’m just hoping to feel well enough for skiing! Check back later for an update on today’s and tomorrow’s races.