Weekend’s Races

This weekend we had a total of three races in Bozeman. Saturday was a skate sprint then skate distance while Sunday was a classic distance. In our group of gals, Carolyn was the only one to complete all three races. Audrey did the sprint but was feeling a little worn out after training at altitude for three weeks. She called it quits on both distance races and opted for some rest. Keely is a first year J2 so she didn’t want to over do it and skipped the sprint. In the two races she did do, Keely had some fantastic results! No surprise, she was the younger skier for both days. Saturday’s race Keely came in 37th place and 8th junior! Her classic race was the first 10k she’s done and she put forth a great effort!

Keely striding behind Nicole DeYong (Click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Although Carolyn was feeling somewhat flat, she had very solid results for the weekend. Saturday she placed 14th in the sprint and 16th in the distance. On Sunday Carolyn finished with a greatly respectful 13th place, putting her in 13th place for the overall Supertour standings.

I have no complaints about my own race. Going into, I had the attitude that I would do my best but not get too upset if I did not do well. Illnesses come and go, we just have to learn to deal with it. The most I could do this week was rest up and be patient. Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to perform to the best of my ability my goal for the classic race was to work on pacing for a longer distance. For the overall I placed 30th, with a 6th place for juniors.

The race course was extremely challenging. There were many sharp turns and intimating hills throughout. Two loops were in use over the weekend. For sprinting there was 1.4k loop that included the trickiest hill section at the venue. During the distance skate athletes raced a 3.5k course, still including the hill section, and then came back through the sprint loop. Sunday’s race was three times around the 3.5k trail. It was an exceptionally spectator friendly course with all the looping around and needless to say, skiers came to know the course incredibly well.

Jessie Diggins and Caitlin Gregg took 1st and 4th places
We started the long drive home today at 2am. It seems that everyone is ready to head home at this point. Nothing is sounding better than our own beds and some low altitude!

Carolyn on our last day.

Thanks to Audrey for taking photos!