June Camp Review

Team!The first two weeks of June has come and gone. Time seems distorted in this early season as the summer seems to be half over, but I still feel like it is May.  The moisture from a late ski season never really stopped and the rain up until a week ago seemed to fall every other day.  This means that the lakes and rivers are all back to normal levels and that the mosquito crop is better than ever before.

Our June camp is usually attended with the fewest athletes because most schools just got out or some are actually still in.  The club collaboration that we have been striving for over the past few years is paying off big.  One of our camp goals is to bring athletes from all over the Midwest together to meet, compete, and socialize. We capped the attendance at 24 and had 29 different athletes go through the camp. Athletes from Loppet Nordic Racing, CXC, Mesabi East, Lake Superior Ski Club, Copper Country Ski Club, Mad Nor Ski, Eau Claire Ski Striders, F.A.S.T., and Hibbing all attended this camp. Some came late and some left early because of schedule conflicts, but over all we had great participation.

June camp for Junior athletes is about getting started.  School is just out and most have participated in track or some other Spring sport.  Laying down a couple of bench mark tests and reviewing possible goals is the start.  We ran a simple strength test, results here;   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=665342913482208&set=a.251855081497662.84542.222929117723592&type=1&theater

and the “OO” skate ski time trial, results here;  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=665343530148813&set=a.251855081497662.84542.222929117723592&type=1&theater

Test results on roller skis are for each individual athlete to compare to themselves for future progression. Head to head competition should not take place till we are on snow.  Roller ski speed is different even when the skis appear to be the same.  Strength is somewhat comparable especially if the test is closely monitored for quality.

We performed the tests early in the camp and then started in on a lot of good training sessions for athletes and coaches to learn and take home with them.  Being a great performing athlete is not rocket science.  It’s about doing a lot of good work and staying committed to a long process with  patience. Two workouts a day is the norm in camp.  We covered strength workouts, ski specific strength workouts, general distance running and biking, and one intensity session.  The idea is to cover all areas of physical ski fitness and give athletes an idea of the type of work that needs to get done.  Keeping the work interesting and enjoyable for motivation is also high on the list, so mountain biking on single track, adventure runs up river, and intermittent games of Frisbee and soccer keep the camp a blast!

The athletes and coaches are now at home after this first camp and hopefully goals and plans are being drafted and work is continuing to build.  The next camp is in three weeks and measurement will take place and by then summer will be half over.  Don’t miss the summer opportunities!  All coaches will tell you that skiers are made in the summer and this is more true than ever before here in Seeley!

Enjoy the photos and activities of the camp here!


See you in July!