July Camp Review

Always havin' fun, Shagen!

Always havin’ fun, Shagen!

July camp has come and gone and we are now quickly approaching the last month of summer.  Two solid months of dry land training has taken place and the results of consistent efforts are starting to show.  A coach can see who has been committed to their process and who is lacking in consistency in their work.  A word that I have been hearing more often in camps from various different coaches is consistent.  The day-in and day-out work that must be done to progress in this sport or any endeavor that we undertake.  You have to be consistent and committed.

July was just about that.  No testing, nothing special, just a lot of consistent volume over 7 days to build that fitness base.  Endurance, strength, and a few speeds.  Putting in hours, building base fitness, that is what July camp was about.  We had to deal with a few days of extreme heat, but even with temps that hit close to 95F on the asphalt, some athletes managed to get in just over 22 hours for the week.  The younger athletes hit between 13-15 hours total for the week.

My highlight workout for a summer camp in Seeley is our adventure run.  It is a combination trail, river, and lake run.  It takes about 1.5-2 hours and is a great workout on any day over 80F.  It starts out with a 6k trail run over some very steep terrain on the Seeley ski trails.  It then transitions into a 1.5k ski walk up the Namakagon River.  The water is mostly knee to thigh deep so this is a very tough ski walk and great low impact work.  It then transitions again to trails for about 1K to Silverthorn Lake where, with clothes and shoes, the athletes must swim about 400m to the beach where they then transition for the last time to run 2k home after giving up 10 pull ups on the playground equipment.

The camp ended with another favorite over distance workout.  A team building workout where I pair stronger athletes with less trained athletes, is always a favorite.  Team leap frog is a distance bike/run on trails.  A pair of athletes share one bike as a team.  The biker rides about 1K ahead of the runner, drops the bike and helmet, and starts running.   The first runner comes upon the bike and rides to pass the new runner and once they are a kilometer or so past drops the bike and again runs.  This is repeated for about 30K or so.  Each team mate is responsible for encouraging their partner to excel to their best for that workout!  It’s a great workout with the variety that an athlete needs.

One of the items that I look for in camp is whether the work is challenging the athletes enough without over stressing them.  A measuring sign is how quiet it gets at meal time.  By Thursday the work volume had set in and the meals were quiet.  How do I know if they’re over stressed?  It’s not only quiet, but their heads have fallen into their plates.  That didn’t happen.  Until August and our ultra summer camp, Enjoy the photos from July here!!!!