Simple Core Work for Power Application and Glide Stability

Simple Core Only Strength Work

Why do I like this core workout and think that it should be high on the priority list of what to do for Masters training?  It specifically is designed to work strength and power as it relates to balance and the application of power from the core.  It also creates the most fundamental levels of fitness for Nordic skiing.

A. Strength Workout/Core Only, 2 sets, around 25-35 minutes: Include 10-15 minutes of warm up and cool down that is either running or spinning on a stationary bike.

1. Side plank push ups with medicine ball. 15 reps each side L/R.

2. Russian twists with a medicine ball. 20-40 reps L/R.  Feet are elevated, together, and still.

3. Partial oblique crunch with knee up.  L/R 15 reps each side.

4. Front plank with alternating leg lifts L/R. Vertical leg lifts up and over the down leg. 15 reps each leg.

5. Front ab crunches with no foot compression.  Palms flat on the ground. 25 reps.  If this is too easy, add 5-10 lbs. held behind your neck.

6. Pushups with core twist at the top of the cycle, while raising arm and vision to the sky.  15 reps.

7. Superman extended while holding a medicine ball, 30 sec. with the last 10 as impulses up.

8. Front plank in push up position with 10-15 reps L/R of spiderman leg moves.