F.A.S.T. Performance Training! The first thing that one may think when they see this name is that our coaching and training philosophy is about speed, quick movements, and going “fast”. While these are outcomes we strive for in our sport coaching, it is not the basis of our philosophy. F.A.S.T. is an acronym that defines how the main priorities in the life of a junior athlete should be ordered and if that order is followed, they will lead to a more balanced and enjoyable life. This philosophy and these priorities can be applied to any activity whether it be singing, playing a musical instrument, studying for an advanced degree, or apprenticing for a skill.

We define a healthy person as one that takes care of their mind, body, and soul. The priorities that F.A.S.T. defines and teaches will address each one of these elements of a healthy person.

F. Your number one priority in life will be one or all of these three; Faith, Family, or Friends.
A. Your number two priority in life will be your Academics.
S. Your number three priority in life will be your Sport.
T. Our mentoring/coaching will guide you in how to organize and do these things Together.

Where do you Start?

The first thing an individual must do when looking at embarking on a project, goal, or direction in life is, to define it. Why are you doing it? What is your purpose for this? Everything that we do in life has a purpose. For a lot of tasks, the purpose is routine for meeting every day requirements. Ex: Washing the dishes. The purpose is that we need to have clean dishes for the next time we eat. But for choices and decisions in life such as why to participate in sport, why to pursue the skill of playing a musical instrument, or what major to pursue in college, the reason or purpose will have much more thought. Ultimately, purpose for choices like these will be multi faceted. The fact is that the more selfish, individual, and shallow that a purpose is, the more likely that the choice, direction, or skill will not produce enjoyment or lasting success in progression and achievement.

Finding purpose in something is typically a process that young adults must find on their own, but need guidance in developing it.

Once a purpose is defined, then and only then, can a lasting passion be ignited, fanned, and made to last!!

Purpose and Passion; the two most crucial components in developing any one to their ultimate potential! These two factors must start strong, develop, grow, and evolve to eventually be the defining foundation of progression and achievement.