Hayward, Seeley, Cable, WI:

Rollerskiing training sites:
The Hayward/Cable area offers some of the best and safest roller skiing sites in the US. There is an abundance of quiet township and county roads that have great terrain and smooth rolling surfaces. The traffic volume is so low that sometimes one can train for a couple of hours and see only a few vehicles.

Double “OO” Trailhead: This trailhead is located on Hwy OO just over 3 miles from Hwy. 63.  This is a great location for beginners as it offers mostly flatter road sections to the East. The skiing is an out and back to the South and East. Three different loops offer quiet and flatter roads. County OO to Pederson Road and up to the Pederson Farm is a 30-45 min. ski. Double OO to Clear Lake Road to Paddock Road and connecting back into OO is about a 45-60 minute ski. Double OO to Clear Lake Road and then onto the  of Murphy Blvd. to the North is about 90-105 minute ski.

Silverthorne Park Trailhead:

This trailhead is located about 1 mile North of Seeley on Hwy 63.  It is on the West side of the highway.  This area offers flatter terrain to the West of Highway 63. These roads are also newer asphalt and offer some longer, lower slope grades as the roads climb out of the river bottoms. The roads are a little higher volume traffic here, especially during the late afternoon as work and school times end. Access to these roads is around the backside of Silverthorne Lake to Peterson Road and then onto the West.

Upper A: This area is out on Highway 77 at the intersection of County Highway A. The intersection here is called Dowes Corners.  It is about 14 miles out of Hayward on Hwy 77.   Upper A takes off to the North of 77 and an out and back on this road is 1.5-2 hours in duration. This road is also very good asphalt, low volume traffic, and it rolls and flows much like a ski trail. The terrain is more challenging and this is not an area for beginner skiers.

Delta/Drummond Road: This location is right in Drummond, WI.  Park somewhere in town or at the school.  The Delta/Drummond road takes off to the North from Hwy63 about 200 meters North of the intersection of County highway N and Hwy 63.  This road is awesome roller skiing! The road is an out and back ski. The road is 12+ miles from one end to the other. You can park in Drummond and make your way about 1/4 of a mile South on Hwy 63 to where the road takes off to the North and the Delta area. The asphalt is all new as of last year and traffic is usually low volume. One negative aspect is that it is a road that is zoned at 45mph for vehicles, but they tend to drive a little faster than that. My experience on this road is that almost all motorists respect the skiers and slow down.

Trail Running:

Double “OO” Trailhead: The trail head is located on Hwy OO just over 3 miles from Highway 63.  The Birkie trail either North or South and the “loops” at this trailhead are great options. The best option for this location is the CAMBA single track trails. This is a more intimate and challenging run or hike in the forest and you must be aware of the bikers.

Urenholdt Forest/Seeley Trails: The trail head is located on Highway OO just about 1/4 mile from Highway 63. These trails can also be accessed from the Seeley Ski Trailhead which is on Old OO about one mile South from County OO. There is an abundance of single track and wider trails in this area. The downfall is that these trails are not well marked and even though it is a confined trail system, it is fairly easy to get lost if you do not know the system.

North End Trailhead: This trail head and cabin is located on Randysek Road about 2 miles from County Highway M in Cable.  This group of trails is enormus. It could take you weeks just to experience every one and years to learn them. The North end system is a mix of single track and narrower ski trails. The Birkie Trail also bisects this system. Trail signs mark most intersections of this area, but use caution, as I stated, this area is large and made up of countless trails and intersections. This area is also some of the more challenging terrain around.