2012-2013 Programming is now here!!

Programming for 2012-2013 is now open.

The programs and slots are very limited so don’t delay with your inquiry and registration. Camp slots fill up very quickly and we are limited to 24 athletes.

New for this year is college summer residency and post graduation 12 month residency and support!! This programming and support is unprecedented in our region.  Be apart of the cutting edge in athlete development!

Training partners for a sprint simulation at the USST camp in SoHo, Oct. 2011

Sprint simulation in Hayward, early Nov. 2011

Weekend’s Races

This weekend we had a total of three races in Bozeman. Saturday was a skate sprint then skate distance while Sunday was a classic distance. In our group of gals, Carolyn was the only one to complete all three races. Audrey did the sprint but was feeling a little worn out after training at altitude for three weeks. She called it quits on both distance races and opted for some rest. Keely is a first year J2 so she didn’t want to over do it and skipped the sprint. In the two races she did do, Keely had some fantastic results! No surprise, she was the younger skier for both days. Saturday’s race Keely came in 37th place and 8th junior! Her classic race was the first 10k she’s done and she put forth a great effort!

Keely striding behind Nicole DeYong (Click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Although Carolyn was feeling somewhat flat, she had very solid results for the weekend. Saturday she placed 14th in the sprint and 16th in the distance. On Sunday Carolyn finished with a greatly respectful 13th place, putting her in 13th place for the overall Supertour standings.

I have no complaints about my own race. Going into, I had the attitude that I would do my best but not get too upset if I did not do well. Illnesses come and go, we just have to learn to deal with it. The most I could do this week was rest up and be patient. Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to perform to the best of my ability my goal for the classic race was to work on pacing for a longer distance. For the overall I placed 30th, with a 6th place for juniors.

The race course was extremely challenging. There were many sharp turns and intimating hills throughout. Two loops were in use over the weekend. For sprinting there was 1.4k loop that included the trickiest hill section at the venue. During the distance skate athletes raced a 3.5k course, still including the hill section, and then came back through the sprint loop. Sunday’s race was three times around the 3.5k trail. It was an exceptionally spectator friendly course with all the looping around and needless to say, skiers came to know the course incredibly well.

Jessie Diggins and Caitlin Gregg took 1st and 4th places
We started the long drive home today at 2am. It seems that everyone is ready to head home at this point. Nothing is sounding better than our own beds and some low altitude!

Carolyn on our last day.

Thanks to Audrey for taking photos!


Audrey, Carolyn, Keely, Bill and I arrived in Bozeman on Thursday. Our drive through Big Sky Country was clear and beautiful. Sadly, the closer we got to Bozeman, the less snow we saw.

The ski that afternoon at the Bohart trails was less than satisfying. Snow was very sparse and definitely demanded rock skis. Volunteers will be clocking a lot of hours in the next few days to get the trails in race condition and we certainly appreciate it!

Thankfully our living situation was much more pleasing than the trails. A friend of the Jackson family is letting us stay in their cabin. (Thanks Coach Jay!) It’s about fifteen minutes from the race course, tucked away in the mountains. Our view is absolutely breathtaking, like something out of painting. The only down side is the lack of cell phone service and internet. No worries though, we have many other things to keep ourselves entertained!

Audrey and I enjoying the view.

A view from the inside and the out.

It’s snowed a little bit more since we arrived here so I’m hoping the races went well today. Everyone is out racing right now but unfortunately I am not feeling well and opted to stay back. Today was the skate sprint and the skate distance (5k). They are both scheduled as individual starts.
Tomorrow is suppose to be a 10k classic mass start but with the lack of snow they are considering changing it. There have been suggestions of another 5k skate of or a individual classic start. Only time will tell! Personally, I’m just hoping to feel well enough for skiing! Check back later for an update on today’s and tomorrow’s races.

End of the Festival

Kelsey, Paige, and me after the classic race in our BeFast headbands!

Yesterday was the last Supertour race in West Yellowstone. Everyone ended the week with great races. The junior races were a great showing for FAST with Keely, Jon, and Jenny all participating. In the FJ2 division Keely came in 4th place, only 1:03.8 back from the winner. Keely is a fantastic classic skier and will be one to watch in the future. Last year she qualified for the Midwest Junior National Team in the FJ2 division as a J3!

Jenny won her first race of the season in the FJ1 division. We’re super pumped to see how the rest of the season goes for Jenny. She’s made a serious commitment to skiing this year and did some major training this past summer and fall.
Jon also won this race in the MJ1 division, 23.2 seconds ahead of the next competitor. It was great to ski Jon out on the course after helping with race wax the past week. He did a great job with both!

Coach Bill Pierce waxing skis!

In the Supertour classic we had three athletes racing: Paige, Audrey and I. Paige decided to race even thought she was not feeling completely healthy. With that said, she still had a very respectful result. Her effort earning her 33rd place and the 9th junior position.

Paige on Telemark Hill.

Audrey came off a less than satisfactory skate race that left her wanting more. Yesterday she left her frustration on the course and felt great. She finished 29th overall! This past fall Audrey went through a major sickness so she’s still working on getting her endurance back. By senior nationals she should be good to go!

I was pretty pleased with my race effort in the classic. Bill told me it was the first time he saw me giving 100% effort. After going out too fast in the 10k skate I was really trying to focus on pace. Racing is all about being relaxed, controlled and efficient. Then you reach that point in the race you’ve been waiting for. You let it rip, using up every last ounce of energy until you are completely spent. That was yesterday’s race for me and it was great. Overall I was 18th place and 1st junior. It’s very difficult to be satisfied with a race but the harder you work the closer you come to reaching that feeling.

Telemark Hill toward the end of the race.

Eleanor and me.

St. Scholastica’s John Wessling right before going down Telemark Hill.

Now that the festival is over basically everyone has cleared out. We’ll enjoy the quiet for the next few days before moving on towards Bozeman, MT. The next Supertour weekend is scheduled to be there. Fingers crossed that the snow is enough for racing!

Supertour 10k Skate Race

Today we raced the 10k skate in West Yellowstone. It was two loops, 5k each. Audrey and I were were the only ones who raced from our group. Jon and Jenny Parr are waiting until the junior races tomorrow for their first races and Paige was not feeling her best. She decided to just do the 5k classic tomorrow in order to have more recovery time.

As far as distance races go, I feel this race was a promising way to start the season. They have never been my forte so Bill has designed my training plan to help change this. In the women’s overall results I finished 27th and 4th in my age division.

Morgan Arritola was the women’s champion today in a time of 26:56.7. She was 14.7 seconds ahead of the next competitor.

Thanks to Jon Parr and Bill for the great wax job! And thanks to Jon for taking photos!

Post race

Audrey on Telemark Hill.

Paige, Dylan, and I after the race.

Thanksgiving and Sprint Report

Happy Thanksgiving from out west! All of us out here are definitely thankful for the beautiful weather, snow, and of course great company. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day!

The morning started out with a classic ski in Yellowstone Park. It was sunny, warm, and picturesque. Audrey and I went for about an hour along the river while others went for a little over two hours.

The girls on our Thanksgiving day ski (click on any photo to enlarge.)

Race Time!

It’s finally here! Tomorrow is our first race of the season. Scratch that, our first TWO races of the season! West Yellowstone holds a back-to-back sprint day with a classic race, an hour break, and then a skate race. Definitely a great way to start the season. We’re hoping for a little warmer weather than last year. Look for an update tomorrow on the results.

Here are some photos from the past few days:

After a classic interval session with Jennie Bender, Jessie Diggins, and Carolyn Ocariz.

Teague enjoying the snow.

Downtown West Yellowstone early in the morning.

First Snow Ski of the Season!

Today we were extremely excited for our first ski on snow! It was awesome! The snow out here is perfect. There isn’t a large base but it’s not an issue with so few people around. We’re actually expecting quite a bit of snow in the next few days, just in time for the festival!

We really couldn’t have asked for a better ski. The morning started out extremely cold, my morning walk was negative fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. We decided to wait until 10am to start our ski and it worked out really well. By the time we got going, temperatures were in the teens and the sun was shining.

Here are some photos from today:

West Yellowstone 2011- Day 1!

After two days of traveling we’ve made it to West Yellowstone, Montana and we have not been let down thus far. Although we haven’t had a chance to ski, town has a good amount of snow. On our evening jog we had the pleasure of running by the Rendezvous Ski Trails and tj looks promising, but only tomorrow will tell.

Masters Opportunity!

Masters/Citizen Athlete Programming
FAST Performance Training/North End Ski Club 2011-12

Project Goal: The project would have a goal of having each individual set a process goal for improvement of either their enjoyment or performance in their Nordic skiing.

Dates: 8 sessions from December 7- February 20, 2012 on Wednesdays at the OO trail head at 5:30pm.
December: 7th, 14th, and 21st
January: 11th and 18th
February: 1st, 8th, and 15th

Program Description: The program will be limited to 12 individuals, so that the coach to athlete ratio is no larger than 1/6. Two coaches will be at each session.

Program Fee: The fee will be based on a per session rate of $20. The total fee will be $160, half of which will be covered by North End Ski Club for all athletes Rate for non-club members will be $80 and $60 for North End Ski Club members.

Required Forms are below:
Assumption of risk and release of liability
FAST Performance Training Club Programs 2011-2012

Forms can be mailed to:
FAST Performance Training
c/o Bill Pierce
13383 N Red Birch Lane
Hayward, WI 54843