Youth and Junior Programming
Programming for youth and juniors is local programming for individuals located within one hour of Hayward, Wisconsin.  This component of our programming is now done on a custom basis for each athlete.  Please contact Bill for further info.

Age Groups: Athletes will be divided into two different groups based on age. 10-13 year old athletes will be one group and 14-20 year old athletes will be another group. The main difference between these two groups is this: The younger group will be working mainly on skill acquisition, drills, games, body awareness, balance, and learning to train. They will simply be learning skills and learning to train.

The older athletes will be working on the same things, plus training fitness and refinements, technique assessments and refinements, and competition developments and refinements. They will be working on becoming a professional athlete.
Both groups will work on other lifestyle compliments such as nutrition, productive self, family, and purpose.

Both youth and junior programming is limited to 10 athletes.

Forms for program sign up can be found under the Camp/Clinic page.

CXC Membership:
Membership in CXC Skiing, Inc. is required to participate in F.A.S.T..
If you sign up through the club, then CXC membership is $15 for juniors (14-19 years old) and $5 for youth (13 and younger).